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To give you a flavour of what our clients say about the business coaching, business mentoring and stress management services provided by Liz Makin we have included here a selection of our client testimonials (please see the Makin It Happen online course platform for testimonials from our online course students):

"Liz provided so much more than just the traditional business mentoring and I can't thank her enough for having such a positive impact on my business. In less than one year we completely changed the structure of my business, redesigned my service portfolio and expanded the client base significantly. I never expected to achieve so much in such a short space of time. Liz has real business insight and her own commercial experience enables her to really get involved and give practical help. As a result, I have had a very profitable year!"
Business Owner

"Liz is a great listener and can distil the many and often complex issues facing an individual - these might be things that are not immediately obvious. Rather than solve the problems for the individual Liz has a unique skill to help coach the person concerned to their own solution."

"Many thanks for your support during an interesting part of my career - it really helped spending time with you discussing options in an entirely confidential way, and putting my business(es) in perspective, which I do not have, working in an entrepreneurial business without a management team to rely on.
Our discussions have certainly helped me move forward to the next stage in my life."

Business owner

"Thanks again Liz, my time with you has certainly helped me re-focus, manage my time and stresses of workload. Its enabled me to approach problems and issues from a different perspective, which from my perspective proves our time together has been successful!"

"Liz provides great clarity and sense of perspective. After just one meeting, Liz had spotted that our most successful relationships were with other family businesses which helped us enormously. She is extremely supportive and will always make time to listen and provide practical advice when needed in an emergency. She has been a real friend which I value and I have learned a great deal from her."
Business owner

"I enjoyed working with Liz and left sessions feeling positive, focused and more confident. Liz helped me to restructure my work processes. I was set achievable goals after each session which lead to immediate improvements. The changes I made are now second nature and as a result I find that I am happier and a lot less stressed. Being more confident about my work and my ability has, in turn, resulted in me being more assertive with clients when I need to be. I couldn’t be happier with what I have achieved through these sessions and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Liz to others.
Senior Manager

"I have worked with Liz for a number of years now, firstly as a business coach and latterly on the Growth Accelerator programme. I found the programme to be an invaluable insight into my own business and the benefits of being able to plan ahead. Together we reviewed the annual orbitals to set targets for the future and personal aspirations, right through to exit strategies. This couldn't have been done without Liz's professional guidance, business insight and commercial experience. I came away a much wiser more confident business owner, knowing what the challenges were ahead and how I was going to tackle them."
Business Owner

"Liz really helped me out during a turning point in my business. She supported me to set clear goals and consider new ways of establishing a client base. Liz has a very nice balance between being knowledgeable, professional and approachable. She is positive, flexible and client centred. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for business coaching."
Business Owner

"Liz has been exceptionally helpful in assisting with my development. The insight Liz provided really helped me to combat the problems I faced in the work environment. Many of the techniques she provided me with were extendable to real life issues and other scenarios. I would recommend Liz's assistance and development to anyone who needed help in the work place."

"We have been working with Liz for nearly two years. When we first got in touch with her we were having real problems defining and agreeing our offering and what our ultimate goals for the business were. As an ambitious husband and wife team we had the additional pressure of working and living together as well with a young family!
Liz has helped us in particular times of stress, initially ensuring that we just focused on where we could make money in the short term, and then helping us develop a strategy and plan for what we can achieve in the longer term. Ultimately, we leave our meetings with Liz energized, re-focused and back on the same page; our confidence in ourselves and in our business has dramatically increased, evidenced by our turnover year on year and the fact that we were just 2; now we are 8 and currently looking for 2 more. Liz also ensures that we plan celebrations for when we achieve our goals and is very helpful with regards to flagging up small business funding and useful contacts for our particular needs - all in all a great person to have involved in our company!"

Business Owners

"Liz has been very helpful in my personal and professional development since day one, she has helped me through times when I believed I couldn't succeed and has helped me through them which has ultimately allowed me to further my professional career. I will never forget the traits that Liz has helped me develop. Without Liz's help I don't believe I would be where I am now in my career. Great person, great help and very understanding! Thanks Liz!!!"

"I first worked with Liz when my business was going through a lot of change including moving away from a business partnership, acquiring a competitor and launching a new brand. Liz really helped me through the process of all this change. I always came away from our meetings with a much clearer head and less stressed! At the same time as dealing with this change management we also worked together in putting the three year business plan together. This has now given me a clear direction going forward. We will now be meeting up going forward to ensure I am implementing this plan. I would recommend Liz to any small business owner."
Business Owner

"I have worked with Liz over the last 12 years. Initially when we set up a new business she helped us steer our way through to the establishment of a sustainable recruitment consultancy. Lately I have worked with Liz on the Growth Accelerator Programme, which has led expansion of the business. Liz provides a challenging and supportive framework to help you examine what you are doing in your own business and you then have the space and the confidence to implement action plans to move forward. I can recommend Liz as a mentor for any business situation."
Business Owner

"I went to Liz seeking motivation and focus to get me back into work after moving from a different area. I hadn't worked for 18 months and had lost confidence and was drifting along somewhat! The hour I had with Liz was very informal; she listened to me and helped me to focus my mind on what I needed to do and think about the reasons why I wanted to work again. I left the meeting feeling very enthused and was 'on a mission'. I have since had 3 interviews and had a job offer last week! Liz really pointed me in the right direction and I would highly recommend her - thank you Liz!"
Senior Manager

"During our meeting, when you broke down everything into simple terms, I had an epiphany and realised that a lot of my thinking that was making me unhappy was based on thoughts that had no basis in fact - it was "all in my head". Since our meeting I have felt a huge weight lift from me and I am full of energy."
Business Owner

"Thank you Liz for the time you took to listen to my problems, helping me to identify more clearly what they were and how I was going to tackle them. I took your advice and it worked very quickly for me. It's helped me to be more focused on what is important and how I react to situations in the business environment."

"I had a short coaching session with Liz to help pull together a number of key decisions for my business. Liz helped me work through each point, challenged some of the rationale and helped me define a new strategy for a new direction to suit my lifestyle and my customers. It was a one-off session but really worked for me. I would fully recommend Liz."
Business Owner

"Liz and I met for an initial consultation to discuss how to build and grow my new food business of a year. We started with some of the essentials such as time management and implementing time in a busy schedule to relax and enjoy life outside of work. We went over some of the common pitfalls of working in a one person business; such as feeling the need to work long hours and dealing with heavy workloads.
Liz recommended some organisational strategies to try and implement; to ensure that there was a time and place for work and a separate time for a social life. We also discussed ways of approaching potential clients, ways to attract business and the importance of networking and reaching out to other businesses in the same field.
I found the session extremely useful (I still have the notes in my diary to look over!) and I have been successful in implementing some of the topics we went through. I would thoroughly recommend Liz to anyone in the business sector who is perhaps seeking support, and also for anyone who feels that they need to improve their organisation skills, or managing their workload. I have no doubt that I will again be meeting with Liz in the future to help with building my business; her professionalism, listening skills and ability to suggest new ideas and ways of thinking make her an invaluable business coach and mentor."

Business Owner

"I have worked with Liz over a period of two years during which time I have been faced with many business challenges, including rapid growth, a move to new premises, restructuring and how to build value into the business for a potential sale in the future.
Liz's mentoring support during this period and her extensive business knowledge and experience has helped me to meet these challenges and to develop a successful business, as well as achieving a better work/life balance."

Business Owner

"I first used coaching during a highly stressful time when there was a huge amount going on alongside trying to run the day to day business. I found the coaching enormously useful in coping with the business and emotional stresses of the situation I was in.
Liz helped me rationalise the position in a calm and professional manner and also to give me confidence when times were hard. The key to the coaching was around building and sustaining my self-confidence and in not giving up when things seemed bad.
I would urge anyone faced with a demanding or stressful time where it can at times be difficult to see ‛the wood for the trees‛ to seriously consider coaching as a way to better perform both personally and for the business."

Managing Director

"I really enjoyed working with Liz. Our sessions together helped me create the space to reflect on challenges and work out in my mind the best approach for me to overcome them and take them forward. Liz's mind maps were great in helping me pull together the challenges and her calm, yet enthusiastic approach left me confident to then act on the challenges - helping me to take the business forward. Thank you Liz!."
Business Owner

"I run a small online business, which I am trying to grow whilst fitting work around the demands of family life.
I recently spent three sessions with Liz. Liz and I worked through the vision of where I want to be in 10 years time and how to pull out what needs to happen in order to get there on a yearly, monthly and then weekly basis. Liz helped me to identify that if a task seems too overwhelming it can be broken up into smaller, manageable steps, whilst always having an eye on the end goal. Importantly, she provided me with tools to get back on track if things don't go to plan. I am very optimistic about the future now as I can see the actions that need to be taken to get there.
It doesn't matter what your background is, because Liz is able to understand your way of doing things and come up with a creative solution that actually works for you rather than trying to impose a new way of working. She is great fun to work with, totally non-judgemental and I really feel as though she is passionate about what I am trying to achieve and most of all, on my side! I would definitely work with Liz again in the future and would recommend her service wholeheartedly."

Business Owner

"We asked Liz to meet with us a few months ago, as we were finding, as a small business, the work was becoming over-bearing in terms of the stress from the volume of work and the fact that we were having to work most evenings and weekends with an increasingly skewed life/work balance.
With a very relaxed but purposeful manner, Liz was able to identify rapidly the issues we were facing, discuss them and allow us to see what was needed to improve our situation. Having taken her advice to heart, we immediately focused on the three areas she suggested and we now find that we feel in control, happier, less stressed, but most important of all, we can enjoy quality family time, which previously evaded us.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Liz's services."

Business Owner

"I have never been big on asking for help or using the services of a personal coach, but when I found myself in a dilemma with a particular staff member, I needed something to help me detach my feelings from my logic.
Liz gave me the clarity, focus and direction I needed to approach my problem in a logical and straightforward way. Liz also helped me to identify and address issues that I didn't even know were part of the problem.
If you find yourself in a similar position where you are wasting your time stressing over what to do and which direction to turn, I recommend you speak to Liz. She is professional, friendly and has a natural calming influence."

Business Owner

"Just wanted to send a proper "Thank you" for your time and expertise. I think it's given me such a boost and I can't wait to dive in :)"
Business Owner

"Working with Liz has been a huge benefit to me and has helped me see that there are other ways of looking at things. Liz is a great listener who asks just the right questions to make you really consider your answers and/or next actions.
I would highly recommend Liz to others."


"When I first came to Liz for help my one-man business was in a mess. I was under-achieving personally and financially, was unfocused and was wasting money by putting time and effort into projects that were not viable. I was depressed and my stress was effecting my professional and family life and I could not see how to sort out the mess.
Liz has helped me to understand what is important, to plan better, to focus on client need, and to balance work and family life. I have now turned things around personally and financially and am balancing work and family life well and am much happier as a result.
I am pleased to recommend Liz's professional and highly personable mentoring services."

Business Owner

"Liz's mentoring has been of great help to me in the past 12 months. She has helped me see through the everyday clutter and focus on the issues that matter to the business and to me personally. I looked forward to our sessions and these only came to an end when I had to join an in-house corporate programme designed to deliver similar objectives. If that proves unsuccessful then I would not hesitate to re-commence with Liz."

"We often know we should be doing something, we often know that we need to change something, but we often prevaricate because we are too busy with the day to day or unsure of the best solution.
A session with Liz acts as a real catalyst - clarifying your ideas, often finding new solutions and above all getting you set to get on and do it."

Business Owner

"Liz has been a great sounding board for business ideas over the last year, her input has really helped the business to grow."

"As a small business owner put into a challenging environment Liz has been a great support over the last two years in getting me to focus on the right areas and helped me turn the business around. There is still more work to do, but I would not have got this far without her help. My confidence has also grown helping me to feel much more in control about where the business and more importantly where I am going."
Business Owner

"It was been a pleasure to work with Liz and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any coaching requirements we have within our Company in the future, I feel I have benefited from Liz's help & support and I wish her continued success."

"I found my sessions with Liz extremely helpful to put clarity and order to my thoughts and actions regarding the future direction I could take with my business. Liz's warm, personable style and her objectivity mean she is a great sounding board for ideas and concerns - invaluable for a small business owner. She had some very useful and thought provoking insights which helped me find the impetus to move my business forward significantly."
Business Owner

"Working in a service business, it is often hard to give our own business the same kind of attention as our clients. Our sessions with Liz really helped us to focus on our own business needs, taking us away from working 'in' the business to working 'on' the business. We have now put in processes to make sure the leadership meet regularly to discuss priorities and plan short, medium and long term objectives."
Leadership Team

"I have worked with Liz over the last three years and she has helped me to run my business more efficiently and with less stress.
Running a small business can at times be very lonely, you can only discuss certain elements with your staff. It has been a great benefit for me to be able to discuss issues with somebody who is completely objective and emotionally detached from the business.
Liz's approach is to concentrate your efforts on those issues which are causing you the most angst. She helps you create a series of small steps which are easily manageable and achievable. When you look back on your progress, those small steps add up to big improvements.
I would thoroughly recommend Liz if you want to improve the running of your business and help improve your work/life balance."

Business Owner

"With Liz's support and fabulous mentoring I am now in a position to enjoy and grow my business. Thank you Liz for helping me, as an employer and business owner, to overcome difficult times and regain my positivity and enthusiasm for my business once again. Being a business owner is tough and can be a lonely experience but Liz is there to support me whenever I need."
Business Owner

"My first year of trading was very challenging as I learned many different aspects about running a business. The sessions I had with Liz were hugely beneficial. Together we worked through several aspects of my business and I gained a valuable insight into what my business style should be. With this understanding I had the confidence in myself and the business, to push the business forward. Liz is very supportive and a good listener. If you have any business issues you need to discuss or work through I highly recommend Liz as a source of support and guidance."
Business Owner

"Liz was very aware of our business when she came to the first meeting and had clearly done a considerable amount of background research. Sessions with her were extremely productive. She handled issues sensitively and with professionalism.
She is very thorough in following up between meetings and was full of practical ideas for resolving issues in our business when we were going through a particularly difficult time.
We would recommend her services to other small businesses without hesitation."

Business Owner

"Liz has been my mentor for three years and I always look forward to meeting with her.
Her probing style of coaching forces me to think through issues I might otherwise gloss over or miss completely. Moreover, she gives me highly intelligent and knowledgeable feedback on a wide range of subjects, from staff management to funding via operations and marketing.
Liz has helped me both at strategic and practical levels and her input has supported the growth of my business.
Many thanks Liz!"

Business Owner

"Over the last year Liz's mentoring has been a sounding board for the growth of my business. I was able to discuss and hone all my ideas and methodically apply each one in a strategic way. Liz has a real understanding of what small businesses face and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services."
Business Owner

"Within the month after my first session with Liz, we invoiced out a much higher level - just after my first session! Since then the mentoring has been extremely valuable from a business and personal point of view."
Business Owner

"Liz worked with me over a two and a half year period when I moved from a senior position in a large corporate organisation to working in my own business as a Recruitment Consultant. She supported me in addressing all the main business and personal issues that arose at the time of the most significant change in my working life.
Liz has a clear understanding of all aspects of setting up and running a small business and consistently helped me to focus up on the most important issues at the time as well as maintaining a drive to achieve the main personal and business goals. I looked forward to the regular reviews as it was an opportunity to bounce ideas around and put the various issues and pressures affecting the business in to context and perspective
The support and input from Liz proved to be a significant factor in the successful establishment of my operation."

Business Owner

"I recently started a new business venture, and I recognised that I had reached a stage where I knew what I needed to do - but there was so much, I was not focussing on what was important. I also recognised I would benefit from coaching, but having been a business coach myself, I knew that I needed a good one! I had known Liz for some while, and I felt that she would coach me in a way that I would coach others, and that her style would be suited to my needs.
Liz totally satisfied my requirements, and within just two sessions, I had gained much more clarity, and was able to prioritise and focus on the key issues to get my business growth on track. One major element of Liz's work with me was that she listened to what I needed, and provided a completely customised approach to my problems, rather than just feeding me generic theories!
I would recommend Liz as a coach to anyone seeking clarity and a way forward, to help prioritise and focus on what is important."

Business Owner

"Somehow Liz enabled me to get my thoughts into a coherent framework and go out the door ready to take action - truly a catalyst for change."
Business Owner

"Liz was my business mentor during a very challenging year. The business was growing very rapidly and I was struggling to cope with the many different issues that arose (including staffing, communication, operations, productivity, sales and marketing, office space, planning, leadership and stress management).
Liz provided excellent support throughout this period, acting as a sounding board for me. I was able to discuss and explore the business challenges with her and find good solutions to the issues. Her help enabled me to move my business forward and put the foundations in place for further business growth. Her business knowledge and experience is extensive and she is a very good listener."

Business Owner

"Liz has helped me with my business for the last 12 months and we have dealt with many issues including a fire, shop closures, a move to a big new store and the stresses and strains of running your own business. I have tried to make the most out of every meeting and I think during the time we have covered almost every topic including staff appraisals, motivation, cost control and PR, to name a few.
Without doubt Liz has been a huge support to me, her business knowledge has helped me make better decisions and her advice on how to handle stress was especially helpful, for what has been a very stressful period of my life. It is good to know that I am able to use her services in the future if I find the need. Thanks Liz."

Business Owner

"I can highly recommend Liz, she kept us on track and helped us to think out of the box. It was great to be able to vocalise our vision. Thanks Liz."
Business Owners

"Liz helped us with quite a few items over the course of the year, some of the items I would like to mention:
- With any small business, there are always difficult times. What Liz was very good at doing was saying, "Hey you are not alone...but focus on what has got you here and how that is different from your competition." By doing this small piece of work, it helped us focus on our business and items we could control.
- Schedule of marketing - we put together a little matrix of when we would market what products, how we would market them and what customers to send them to. Again, by not panicking we were able to start at the top and send product information to prospected customers.
- Working with Liz, we never pushed the panic button, she always looked at issues from the "outside" and was always able to find a solution, sometimes the solution was a walk away, but this too is a solution.
- Finding new customers from our current customer base etc. etc.
Liz has many years in the real world of business, and understands the stress of running your own business and how that can impact on your life, how to manage time etc. I would recommend working with Liz, as she will be a great insight to anyone's business. Thank you very much for your time."

Business Owners

"Liz Makin has had a significant impact on the way I look at myself, my business and the world in general. Her newsletters are invaluable and have become a treasure house of information and intelligence for me - most importantly they merit regular re-reading and reassessment.
The personal contact I have had with Liz has been of equal value. The problems I had were solved with logic, rationality and understanding.
I would not hesitate to use her services in the future."

Business Owner

"As a result of the coaching I received from Liz I have become more focused and organised, enabling me to achieve more in less time. I am more positive and confident, gaining greater personal satisfaction from working towards more stretching goals."
Business Owner

"Liz Makin has been my business mentor over the last year under the Mentoring for All programme. During this time I was faced with some major business decisions, including an office move, closing down a branch office, staffing issues, purchasing a new practice and marketing my business in a new geographic area.
Through Liz's direction, planning and just down to earth listening I was able to tackle each problem as it came up. Liz is also a Chartered Accountant and has invaluable experience and knowledge in business issues which I was lucky enough to have the benefit of. This was to become one of the busiest years of my career, and frankly without her help, advice and guidance I think I would have found it a struggle on my own.
I am continuing to use Liz's mentoring services for the foreseeable future."

Business Owner

"Thank you so much for giving up your time to advise and guide me over the last year. My meetings and phone sessions with you have been very helpful in both helping and encouraging me, as well as challenging my thoughts and opinions where they needed to be! You've been brilliant and I hope your work as a mentor continues to go from strength to strength."
Business Owner

"Liz Makin was assigned as my business mentor through the Mentoring for All scheme via Business Link. I currently own two long established companies. I had just successfully completing a four year business plan that involved expanding these businesses via purchasing and converting two freehold properties. Once this was completed, I found myself at a loose end with no further major projects to undertake. I did not expect that my day to day workload from that point on would feel so menial and unfulfilling, hence leading to frustration and confusion regarding coming to what I considered to be a dead end.
My 10 sessions with Liz enabled me to discuss at length and in depth the specific areas of concern each time and agree actions that could be taken to move forward. I found Liz very easy to be honest and open with, which enabled me to talk things through and consequently come to well thought out conclusions. I would recommend Liz to anyone needing professional business guidance and support from a knowledgeable and informed outsider."

Business Owner

"Liz is both practical and wise. Her personal success in balancing a challenging career with a young family was massively helpful experience to draw on. She's been extremely helpful in helping me shape my goals and priorities."
Senior Manager

"I have been on the mentoring programme for about a year, at first I was sceptical as to whether it would be of any benefit, however after a few months I found the process useful, as it gave me the opportunity to focus my thoughts for a few hours every month and plan for the following month. This I found laid the foundation for the following month."
Business Owner

"Liz helped me to think through several issues in starting up my business, and always helped me look for new ideas and positive solutions."
Business Owner

"Liz provides an excellent coaching service. Her coaching, by asking the right questions, makes you think about possible solutions for business challenges. She is a great person to speak to and likes helping and supporting people."
Business Consultant

"Liz is both a volunteer business mentor working with our start-up businesses and a business mentor for Mentoring For All which is for established businesses across the East Midlands.
The business owners that she has mentored found real benefit from their time with Liz, she helped them focus and became a real sounding board for them."

Mentoring Manager, Nottinghamshire Business Venture

"I was made redundant in December 2008, my confidence was low and I'd reached a point where I could no longer clearly see what skills I had. I was unsure about what I wanted to do next, but had often wondered about working for myself. I was able to see Liz using a voucher scheme from Business Link. In one two hour session she was able to help me identify a clear list of things that I do and don't want out of my life and my work. Liz also helped me to identify where my strengths and skills lie so that I can make better, more informed choices. Her advice was invaluable and whatever career choice I make next, I know it will be a better one as a result of our very focused session."
Personal Client considering starting a business

"With practical support and encouragement, Liz has helped me change my way of looking at life. Over the past few months, I have become far more confident, independent and self-assured. In our meetings, I look forward to setting goals for my future- and achieving them."
Personal Client

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